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Boston Globe vs. Elizabeth Warren

POLITICO Pro Report: She reprimands a reporter for asking about the Boston Marathon bombings.

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First lady, senator, diplomat, grandmother

For Hillary Clinton, the political implications of being a grandmother are less obvious.

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Ginsburg, Scalia discuss freedoms

Scalia says the Supreme Court is the "least qualified" to decide on the NSA.

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Obama spikes the football

He repeats the new sign-up figure twice so no one missed it.

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Obama to Dems: Defend my law

The question now is whether they will listen.

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Facebook plays offense in D.C.

Some in Washington got an early rundown of the company's Nearby Friends launch.

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Obama: Marquez a great visionary

The president describes meeting the author once in Mexico City.

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Warren book dishes on big Washington names

The book chronicles meetings with powerful politicians such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Twitter congratulates Chelsea Clinton

Pundits and politicians take to Twitter to comment on the announcement.

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Clinton praises undocumented teen

"We are missing a great opportunity by not welcoming people like you," she says.

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