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Clip of the Year - A Look Back

by Soup Staff Mon., Dec. 22, 2014 5:11 PM PST


This time of year always makes us here at The Soup emotional. Not in a bad "I'm so estranged from my family and have no real friends I can count on" kind of way, although we do feel that. Emotional in a good way because it's the holidays so we're free to drink at work. Also, we've finally chosen our favorite clips of year and are ready to roll them out in our annual Clipdown shows starting Friday, Dec. 26th and culminating in the crowning of Clip of The Year on Friday, Jan. 2nd both at 10/9c on E!.

Whoever this year's winner is it has big, important, classy, moderately respected shoes to fill. Let's take a look back at our Clip of the Year honorees for the last three years.

In 2011 the Clip of the Year came to us from a Russian newscaster who was clearly effected by a report about a local strip club.

He seems extremely startled by the camera coming back on but clearly had no problem doing whatever he was doing in front of EVERYONE ELSE WHO WAS PROBABLY IN THAT ROOM WITH HIM.

Our 2012 Clip of the Year depicted an average day in the offices of Small Town Security where a single fart caused a Rube Goldbergesque chain reaction of greatness.

We know what you're going to say. We were right to give Joan Koplan lines. She nailed it.

Finally, 2013 saw a Clip of the Year that taught us all an important lesson. Just because you're a hoarder doesn't mean you can't maintain a fulfilling dinner party lifestyle.

Who will reign supreme as this year's Clip of the Year? Find out during The Soup's 2014 Clipdown shown in two riveting parts: Part 1 on Friday, Dec. 26th and Part 2 on Friday, Jan. 2nd at 10/9c on E!


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